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FB Masters Program


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  • FB Masters Program Review - Excellant
  • Top FB training
  • Video and group traininig


  • Price has gone up from early bird
  • Will take a lot of time to learn.
  • You can't stop once you've started

Inside FB Masters Program Review

Welcome to my FB Masters Program Review. If you are looking for the ultimate social media training program this is FB Masters Program Review. Take my word for it this program is the most comprehensive I have ever seen. There are 6 modules packed with video theory and demo instruction. Each module has a handy pdf download and additional checklists to keep you on track throughout the program. It should be noted that the whole training package is over 6 hours long. Also, I would like to highlight the opportunity to join the face book group which dovetails  with the training and helps to enhance the training. JayKay, runs $100 competitions on ads and provides valuable critique on copy and media within the fb group.
FB Masters Program Review 1
FB Masters Program Review 1
Fb master program review:  40 videos are from 15 minutes to 30 minutes long of extremely coherent and clear delivery by Jay Kay Dowdall. Jay Kay, is a Face Book ad expert who knows his subject inside out. If you stick with it you will have a deep knowledge base of fb marketing for 2018. You going to learn about the types of traffic cold, warm, hot/ types of objectives, like engagement and traffic. Also conversation and creative ad types, including text ads. In addition to image, and image link ads. Popular video and  journey ad creation. Modules give detail on copy text and landing page compliance. Optimization, scaling, and key performance indicator analysis. Budgeting and much more. In conclusion you will never look back at marketing in the way it was done in the past. This a new progressive way of thinking unique and inspiring. If you really want to know about face book marketing this the best program to date.
FB Masters Program Review 2
FB Masters Program Review 2

OTOs: FB Group and webinars, 1200 Image library, Full assessment /boot camp

  In the Members Area You'll Discover: Ways to create the perfect  funnel and you will be able to convert FB traffic like crazy. Also you will learn how to move traffic from Cold, to Warm,and Hot. You will additionally be able to remarket FB traffic to your optin pages, affiliate salespages, and even upsells and high-ticket offers. There is comprehensive training showing ways to create the 7 most effective Facebook ads. The ways to optimize any campaign and scale for maximum performance. How to keep Mark Zuckerberg happy and keep his compliance team off your back. Do the research on your competitors pages and compare ethically their demographics. The most important Pixel and event code to capture custom and look alike audiences.
FB Masters Program Review 3
FB Masters Program Review 3
My Anecdote
My anecdote for what its worth is an experience with FB ads 2008. At the time I had been following another marketing guru who promised riches and fast action. So, I had this great idea to promote 'a lose weight (in so many days) offer'. I did just about every thing wrong you could have done. But the strange thing about FB in those days, is that they would approve ads strangely quickly, then two days later disapprove your ad, and instantly ban your account. Customer service stated the terms and conditions only with no detail. The moral of this story is to get the right solution upfront from the right source and don't cut corners. The FB masters program really does tick all the boxes in my opinion.
FB Masters Program Review 4
FB Masters Program Review 4
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OTO 1: Success Social Academy ($27/mth)
This is a monthly recurring product with access to the following: PRIVATE FB Group Campaign review and individually created feedback videos (provided inside FB Group) Continuous updates to FB Master’s Program such as; Branding on Instagram, and Becoming an offline social media consultant, and Bi-weekly workshops where students will see current campaign performances from JayKay’s ads, as well as clients and volunteer social media speakers. Paid contests In conclusion great value worth more than price! OTO 1 Downsell (less than): Success Social Academy ($1 for 7 Day Trial) Access to the above Social Success Academy for $1 for first 7 days OTO 2 : DFY Facebook Images ($47) Over 100 DFY images in multiple niches and, Ad your own CTA text over these images using a free design software we recommend In 60secs you can have a high-quality facebook ad image ready for approval In conclusion is you do not have the software great value.
OTO 2 Downsell (less than) : DFY Facebook Images ($37)
Same as above, but only 50 images included In conclusion not a good offer IMO. OTO 3 : FB Bootcamp ($497 @ 50% – ONLY 10 SPOTS AVAILABLE) This is NOT a coaching offer The bootcamp holds YOU accountable to the program by adding assessments/assignments to the members area and LOCKING future modules from opening until these assessments are completed. Each Bootcamp attendee will be monitored and have set therefore deadlines to complete the next module. These assessments will be reviewed by JayKay and his team and individual feedback will be provided by email with a pass/fail grade. Passing grades will open the next module to the student Assignment example; therefore, Create 2 basic design images and in the “dog training” niche OTO 3 Downsell (less than) : FB Bootcamp ($197) Same content as above, consequently this will not be locked and the assessments/assignments will not be graded. You must self-regulate by completing these assignments on their own and hold themselves accountable.

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