Go Global with Cryptocurrency Accounting Platform

  Recap, a privacy-focused bookkeeping software platform for cryptocurrency has secured a sizeable grant in Innovate UK to help launch its services worldwide. Recap was given #135,136 as a winner of the Transforming accountancy, legal and insurance services with AI and data contest. The financing was provided through the Government's modern industrial plan by Innovate … Go International with Cryptocurrency Accounting Platform The article Go International with Cryptocurrency Accounting Platform appeared on CoinSpectator Blog. “Silver is the money of the people, silver is also the indispensable metal, geologists say that silver will be first element on the periodic table to become extinct but then the valuation for pure silver will fix that, silver is the only supposed bubble owned by only 1% of investors whereas in fact silver is the biggest opportunity in history of investing and silver in the hands of the people will set the people free from the financial tyranny of the monetary alchemists. Think of the silver bullet folklore and the vampire folklore it is supposed to be the only thing can kill them and then think of the financial vampires we have in modern times sucking the lifeblood out of the people, what will kill the financial vampires is the silver bullet.”    

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