Guru in a box product review and demo video

Hey guys, what is up, this is Kam Jennings, the creator of guru in a box, and i just wanted to record this video, really quick for all my affiliate friends who are promoting uh guru in a box and who believe in this product.

What I wanted to do is  just wanted to kind of like show you guys the sales page. Then to show you inside guru, in a box to see what it looks like kind of give you a tour of the product so to speak.

Anyways. This is the sales page for guru in the box, as you can see it's monochrome. I want it to be nice and easy and simple on the eyes. Guys, guru in a box is 46 hours of audio recordings. It's. A lot of content, it's, a hundred marketing lessons.

This package comes with full plr rights. You guys, i recorded all these audio lessons they are done by me personally. I recorded them over a period of nine months. Okay, so this is not some regurgitated plr here.

This is all done by me. Personally, it's, unique content, a lot of charisma. With this content, a lot of actionable content, a lot of stories in there it's, just unique awesome content done with charisma, it's great.

This is the sales page. It'll. Give you all the details on the sales page. You'll, find the titles to every single episode in there, and you know it's, just kind of your typical sales page that talks about what this product is, what you can do with it, and you know how cool it is.

You can look a little bit farther here and you see the plr license that comes with this product, so this is not some blind sales page. This is not some uh. You know. Surprise inside you & # 39, ll, see what it is when you buy.

It kind of sales page this sales page is going to tell you exactly what you're, getting, which makes it amazing, okay, um. Now what i want to do,  to let you look at the sales page at your leisure, but what i want to do now is: i want to show you inside guru, in a box.

So when you get guru in a box, the cool thing is, it is a downloadable pdf right, so there's. No, like you know you don't have to have any kind of like uh, password or login. You're, not going to buy this, and then you're, going to be sitting there staring at a at a login screen and you were never given a password and you don't know what your login is.

You can't log in now. You got to send an email to the creator and it's, a big hassle right, not here. When you buy this, you're, going to get a pdf that you can download. You're, going to be empowered.

Okay, you're gonna be empowered to be able to download all these modules directly as soon as you pick this up. Okay, your plr license is right. Here you got bonuses right here. You got the bonuses that i announced on the sales page and you got more bonuses that i didn't announce and i'm not going to announce them.

You'll figure, those out when you get in there. It's extra stuff, it's, really awesome. You got an episode index and you got five modules. 46 hours of greatness. Okay, all you got ta do is click on. Actually, you know what let me go back.

Let me click on this, so it does recognize me so as if i was one of you guys picking this up. Let's. Click on this incognito window. You're gonna see a screen that looks like this okay and it's.

Gon na have all 20 of the episodes in that module, because this 100 episodes is divided into five modules. 20 episodes in each module – and all you got to do – is click open one and download all simple.

As that then repeat that process a few times and you'll – have all five modules. All 100 episodes guys a hundred episodes of audio content. Do you realize if you started a membership program, you could literally drip out an episode a week to your members and you would have enough content for almost two years, that's insane.

This package is absolutely fantastic, buy with confidence. My friends, you're, absolutely gonna love it that's. All i got man. I hope this video helps you guys kind of figure out what is inside guru in the box.

It is straight amazing content. You're gonna love. It thanks. So much guys and i'll, see you inside guru. In a box, peace, everybody

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