How To Find Traffic Sources 101

How To Find Traffic Sources 101 

Now I want to talk about these 16 traffic sources right and I tried to pick out traffic sources that a lot of you probably have never even heard of before right. What I want to say before I get into these traffic sources.

Is you really only need one of them right, yeah, you know don't don't, try to go out there and, like start driving a bunch of traffic from all 16 of these places. If you do that, you're, probably gonna fail, because what I found is trapped.

Well, look and some of these are easy. You just set them up and forget about them and they work out the box. You will just drive you traffic. Now you can do that. You can set up some multiple ones like that, but some of these require a little bit of your time right like Facebook, you know Facebook's, not one of these 16 traffic sources by the way.

But when you think about Facebook, there are ways to drive free traffic with Facebook, but you know I can tell you several ways to do it with Facebook, but you know it requires a little bit of your time right.

So some of these traffic sources they require a little bit of your time and guys. I have never encountered a traffic source that didn't take a little time to master right, so you're better off. When I give you these 16, you're, far better off just picking out one that you think kind of resonates with you and tinkering with that traffic source for a little while give it a month or two tinkering with it and see.

If you can get some traffic make sure your your you have analytics hooked up to your website, so you know where the traffic's coming from see. If you're starting to get traffic with it tinker around with a little bit that's, what I'm, saying: okay, so let's, go ahead and get into these okay! I'm gonna divide these up into three sets all right.

So let's, get into set a okay, okay, the first one will talk to you guys about

Hacker news.

All right. Hacker news gets 11 million visitors a month and has traffic being sent to it from Facebook. Reddit Twitter YouTube, Cora, just to name a few guys.

It's kind of like a forum, okay, so be sure to check their submission guidelines. But basically you can go there. You can submit good quality content. You know have to write just about hacking and tech stuff.

Okay, they're interested in anything there, but they're interested in things that are intellectually gratifying. That's, what they say, intellectually gratifying. That means you have to write smart quirky articles, smart quirky, intelligent articles right that's, pretty subjective.

You can write about internet marketing there. If you want to. You can write about things that you want to write about there. You just have to be smart about it right. You can't just write dumb, blatantly trying to pitch your stuff articles right.

This is one of those content. Marketing platforms, it's, not unlike Facebook. You move in you plant your little flag down around a subject, and you start to kind of like pull people around you that's, how it works.

Okay, let me show you this website. I know we're running kind of long. I'm, not gonna go crazy in depth with each one of these look. But this is what hacker news is it's very basic? It gets 11 million visitors a month.

You guys here's. The guidelines right, you have to sign up for free account by the way I'm already signed up for a free account here. Look at this on topic, anything that good hackers would find interesting that might include more than hacking in startups.

They're telling you. It includes more than hacking and startups you have if you had to reduce it to a sentence. The answer might be anything that gratifies ones intelligent, intellectual curiosity, anything that anything that you know gratifies.

The curiosity basically write the articles, smartly and it'll grow. You know because guys. The reason I say smartly is because hackers and tech guys they they hold their intelligence on a pedestal. Okay, they hold their intelligence on a pedestal.

So you have to write the articles in a smart way. All right, you can't just and look. Let's be honest. You know we can look at the guidelines and I can say that all day, but your best teacher is to go through here and read some of these articles.

Okay, see how people are writing what what kind of the eternal novice trap we see how people are writing right. You can go through here and have a lot of traffic school to cover, so I can't get in-depth, but I tell you guys something if you want me to get more in depth on just one of these traffic sources: fire an email off At me, and maybe in a future coaching call man what is focus on like two or three of them for the whole call, and we'll, get really in-depth with the traffic sources.

But what what I want to really do now is just make you aware of the traffic sources and let you get into them and kind of tinker around with them yourself. Just give you a brief overview of them and let you see if you can get out there and get some results with the traffic, but look you read the articles and you think about what they're writing about.

You know it's, just like with 11 million visitors a month. You guys you got a try. You got to try to see. If you can, you can work something out. It's too good of an opportunity right, anyways. So the second one scoop it.

Scoop it

Maybe I should just highlight these yeah, you know what forget the hyal yeah, let's. Do it let's. Do it guys let's. Do it all right highlight I scoop it scoop. It gets almost 5 million visitors a month, 61 % of that being from organic search.

You guys also. You have traffic home from Pinterest Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. That's, a great indicator of a healthy platform. It's right for becoming a nice traffic source guys. This is perfect for any niche on scoop.

It. Okay, it's. Gon na allow you to curate and publish content in minutes it's. It's. A fantastic opportunity um this is scoop bit. Okay, scoop. It is cool man, it's free for individuals. You can sign up for free.

Now, free gets you limited right. Free gets you limited and what what it looks like when you sign up is this: okay, we just log in oh, come on guys, so what it looks like what scoop it is you it's? Awesome, because you can curate content right.

You can curate like this right here. Okay, this is what my CI like. I it's. It's kind of hard to explain. So what you do is you. It's a little bit. It reminds me a little bit of Pinterest. You know how on Pinterest you can create boards with a lot of like stuff on them with scoop it.

You create topics right and you can create up to 50 topics and think about these topics. Basically, they're like little blogs. The topics are like little blogs right now. I got a topic right called copywriting skill.

So if I go here to copywriting skill – and I can basically I can share a bunch of content right and what I can do is I can update this content. Okay, like every day, I could update it with new articles and stuff right now I can manually.

I can upload up my own document to this topic. I can. I can only um. I can only recommend articles from my own website if I want to there's, a lot of man, but look guys. This thing is getting over five million visitors a month, alright, and it's like scoop.

It's very cool right Scoob. It's very cool there's. A lot of potential here that's, the point that I'm trying to make. I wanted to just kind of show you guys how easy it was to put together little little topics and and another really cool thing about the topics here's.

One thing I want to show you: this is really really cool. You can do a few things with this. Once you put your page together, you can put up to 50 sub 50 links on this one topic and once you um, and once you do it man, another cool feature that you can do over here is.

You can turn it into a newsletter right. I can come over to newsletter and check this out. You get a preview of the newsletter. This is actually man. You know what you could have like a blog or something that nobody knows about where you just publish articles right and you use those articles and put them on you can use scoop it to put them on a newsletter like this.

You can download the newsletter as a zip file, send it out to a paid list right. I think, as a paid newsletter every month, that's, gonna look fantastic, because this is a really nice look in a little newsletter, and you know you just download it as a zip file.

It's, really cool you guys, anyways um. I just want to show you that I think scoop. It has a lot of potential in 2020. I really want to like mess around with stupid. A lot more. You know it's. Getting a lot of visitors, anyways, mastodons social is not just one social platform.

You guys it's actually like a network of social platforms on multiple niches right, you think, like a cross between Facebook and reddit, right, Facebook and reddit gets together. Has a baby that's, math Ladon social anyway, it's, getting a million and a half visitors a month.

It's, pulling quite a bit of traffic from Twitter and Facebook. Again guys, it provides an excellent opportunity to get in there start sharing some great content and pulling people back to your website, squeeze pages sales pages or even like doing some affiliate marketing.

Okay, this is mastodons social right, very basic, very bare-bones. This is kind of like mastodons social homepage and, like from here, you go to your individual kinda like reddit, you go to your individual little sub reddits or whatever we're, not gonna get into this here right now.

I just want to make you aware of it. I'm aware that this coaching call is getting long. I get it, but I wanted to I. My main goal is to let you guys know how you can drive traffic with these places and that they exist okay, and if you want to get more deep into this, with these individual platforms, just fire off an email, let me know which one you're really really interested in and we can get deeper into it in another.

Coaching call for mix right mix. Comm right gets around 1.5 million visitors a month. It's growing rapidly. It's, a content, curation site. It gathers up content from all over the internet that is personalized for the person that logs in so what you want to do is you want to get your content featured on this website? How do you do it? It's, easy okay, sign up for a free account and whenever you publish content on your blog or on your YouTube or somewhere else just come over here, and you will have an option to add a post to mix right.

It will ask you for a URL that's, where you submit the URL of your content, easy as that with consistency and diligence. You can be driving some great traffic with this one. Okay. This is another one of those content marketing sites where you really got it like move into it plant your flag down and try to take over a little bit right in a specific subnet like you move into a place like mix, and you just publish you just Start sharing content about one little thing, not like internet marketing in general right, but you start being the guy who publishes content about email copy right and that's.

All you publish content about like that's. Gon na allow you to dominate that sub niche and start just planting your flag and taking over on mix right, and this is what's. Gon na help, you drive traffic with a platform like mix, alright, so pretty cool, okay, five reddit shameless plug! All right, so you guys already know about ready.


I don't have to tell you about reddit. Reddit is the place that gets over a billion visitors a month. You guys. I cannot believe how popular reddit is getting right. It's. Really crazy, its rise to stardom over the last several years has been it's been my blowing its it because it's such a like a bare-bones kind of site.

It's, not pretty to look at, but it's. Just people really love reddit man anyways. So this is a great place to get traffic. But how do you do it? There's, a lot of ways right. There's. Multiple ways to get traffic from reddit one way is to visit visit, a simple subreddit called shameless plug right and just post a link to your content right.

This is a subreddit where people go and post all kinds of different content. There's over 18,000 people in that community on shameless plug, and if you post your content, you're gonna get traffic, especially if you do it regularly.

Whenever you put content out share it on shameless plug right, you will get some traffic. Let me show you a shameless plug. I'm in in 2020. I really got to work on my my brevity man. I got to work on like not going into so much detail on every little thing and just kind of like putting it out there.

You know I need to work on my back of the book. Summary style anyways. If you go to Reddit and you type in just go to Reddit and type in shameless plug all right, my reddit still loading up type in shameless plug.

Eighteen point: 8,000 members. Thirty-Five people on route line right now that's 11:30 on a Sunday, the hell are they doing on shameless plug. I don't know, but they're here. Thirty-Five people here right now at 11:30 a.

m. on a Sunday just chillin, anyways people look. This was submitted an hour ago, okay. This was submitted six hours ago. This is a very active community over here on shameless plug, and you have permission to plug anything here right.

You can't beat it it's. This is one of those passive things when you put when you publish a new piece of content, just share it over here it'll help. You get some traffic, you know, so it's, it's easy and it's, a good way to do it.

Alright, so that's, one way to utilize Reddit that's very simple. All right that's, five of them, let's, get in our second five

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