My Post Builder Review

My Post Builder Review


Ease of Use




Value for Money



  • Better Ranking Chance on Search Engines (SEO)
  • Smart Content Selection Technology For Quality and Viral Content!
  • Easy Posting To Your Social Media


  • Setting up requires a small amount of time
  • This is more than basic

My Post Builder Review

This 'My post Builder Review'  is about a new product being launched 19th June 2018. There is no doubt that content is king and this software allows you to quickly import and post viral news into your word press sites.   Just imagine getting a flood of traffic to your website from every post you publish. Well, this becomes super easy when you use the My Post Builder App. Do you get the value this can bring to your business? If so, be quick before the price rises and check out the extras I am adding with the My Post Builder early bird! Check Out My Bonuses Here >>> Bonus Link <<<<
My post builder review
My post builder review
With MyPostBuilder, you can:
  • Build Posts from Top Viral, News, Images and Videos Sites Using The First Ever Smart Content Selection Technology For Quality and Viral Content!
  • > 400% Better Ranking Chance on Search Engines (SEO)
  • Become An Influencer  & Double Your Sales With Content That Warms Up Your Prospects
  • Get 4X MORE LEADS Posting Multiple Times Per Week
  • Get 5X MORE TRAFFIC By Posting Daily.
  • Add Amazon Affiliate Products With Just A Few Clicks
  • Integrate Facebook For Easy Posting To Your Social Media
  • And Build Numerous Posts With Copy/Paste Simplicity
My post builder review
My post builder review

My Post Builder Review - Benefits

1. First of all you will be able to,Build/Curate content from top viral sites, news sites, images and videos using a first ever smart content selection technology in curators that produces quality and SEO rich especially relevant content. 2. The software provides the ability to view content before starting curation process allow users to choose the most engaging and targeted content for their sites. Facebook engagement (like,comment,shares) are shown as well. 3. You will be able to  build beautifully structured content while, using articles, images and videos from various sources. 4. Ability to monetize content using in-built Amazon Associates product selections. MyPostBuilder users can easily add unlimited number of Amazon products in their content with just a few clicks. 5. The app provides another function, to build, curate and publish content to multiple sites at once. Therefore providing viral and an accumulative impact.

Posting and Social Media

6. In-built spinner allows users to spin content before posting to build unique content. Users can also verify content before posting to ensure quality of spun content. 7. Functions include, share post to 5 top social media networks - Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and in addition to Tumblr/ Pinterest, almost all platforms. 8. Users can copy already curated content and create another new version while getting just a few clicks - helps in creating content successfully . 9. Users can also publish the curated content to their Facebook profile and fanpages as a full article. This includes, MyPostBuilder which is more than just a site curator, it can also function as a Facebook curator as well.  10. Also there is another feature, Facebook post insights shows analytics of all user’s fanpages (likes, comments, shares). 11. Finally there is a, Agency license (OTO) - allow users to add X number of accounts in their dashboard for clients. Client will have their own account and login credentials.
My post builder review
My post builder review

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