5 Metrics To Track When Promoting An Affiliate Offer.

5 Metrics To Track When Promoting An Affiliate Offer.


In the instant information age that we live in nowadays it’s so easy to get distracted.


There are push notifications popping up on your computer…


Text messages are constantly coming in on your cell phone…


The dogs are barking & the kids are crying…


The spouse is nagging & the phone is ringing…


It’s a wonder an affiliate marketer gets anything done.


My advice is to shut the door to your office and shut off all electronics other than your computer and get to work.


My man Bruce Lee gives similar advice…


“The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.” — Bruce Lee


When promoting an affiliate offer to your online audience there are 5 important metrics to track to determine a successful campaign.


Smart affiliate marketers will analyze each metric given here after the promotion is over to determine future affiliate offers to promote.


  • One of the first metrics to track is the number of clicks.


If you have a high number of clicks and a low number of sales it could be that there’s a disconnect between the product and the consumer.


Ok, that makes sense… but you might be thinking

why did that happen?


A couple of things to check are …


The product may not be resonating with your audience.




The ad or email may not match up with the sales page or landing page.


If you don’t track the number of clicks you’re getting from your campaigns you’ll never know what to do to fix and get more sales.


This can usually be found very easily when you log into your affiliate platform that is being used to promote the offer like Warrior+, JVZoo or Clickbank.


  • The number of sales that you make for each affiliate offer is critical.


As an affiliate marketer you will want to figure out what types of offers resonate with your audience when planning future campaigns.


  • Conversion rate or earnings per click is another metric you should track.


Here’s why…


When you’re promoting an affiliate offer you may have several different audiences that you promote that offer to…


Let’s say you have an email list, a facebook audience and a youtube audience.


If your email list is way out performing the other 2 audiences you’re going to want to gather more email addresses so you can make more sales in the future.


  • If you’re using a form of paid advertising you’ll want to know the return you’re getting on the money you’ve spent per ad.


The reason is fairly obvious.  If you’re getting a high number of sales with one ad as opposed to another…


You will want to stop the ad that’s under performing and increase the budget for the ad that is performing well.


  • The last one is cost per click/sale, this one goes hand in hand with return on ad spend.


Once you are aware of the cost per click/sale you will have the ability to scale the campaign and make more sales.


These metrics will help you to know what types of offers do well with your audiences and which ones don’t.


Once you have an idea of which types of offers sell well to your audience then find more of those types of offers to promote.


Also, Remember what Bruce Lee said if you get to feeling overwhelmed…


“The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.” — Bruce Lee









My Post Builder Review

My Post Builder Review

This ‘My post Builder Review’  is about a new product being launched 19th June 2018. There is no doubt that content is king and this software allows you to quickly import and post viral news into your word press sites.   Just imagine getting a flood of traffic to your website from every post you publish. Well, this becomes super easy when you use the My Post Builder App. Do you get the value this can bring to your business? If so, be quick before the price rises and check out the extras I am adding with the My Post Builder early bird! Check Out My Bonuses Here >>> Bonus Link <<<<

My post builder review
My post builder review

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My post builder review
My post builder review

My Post Builder Review – Benefits

1. First of all you will be able to,Build/Curate content from top viral sites, news sites, images and videos using a first ever smart content selection technology in curators that produces quality and SEO rich especially relevant content.

2. The software provides the ability to view content before starting curation process allow users to choose the most engaging and targeted content for their sites. Facebook engagement (like,comment,shares) are shown as well.

3. You will be able to  build beautifully structured content while, using articles, images and videos from various sources.

4. Ability to monetize content using in-built Amazon Associates product selections. MyPostBuilder users can easily add unlimited number of Amazon products in their content with just a few clicks.

5. The app provides another function, to build, curate and publish content to multiple sites at once. Therefore providing viral and an accumulative impact.

Posting and Social Media

6. In-built spinner allows users to spin content before posting to build unique content. Users can also verify content before posting to ensure quality of spun content.

7. Functions include, share post to 5 top social media networks – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and in addition to Tumblr/ Pinterest, almost all platforms.

8. Users can copy already curated content and create another new version while getting just a few clicks – helps in creating content successfully .

9. Users can also publish the curated content to their Facebook profile and fanpages as a full article. This includes, MyPostBuilder which is more than just a site curator, it can also function as a Facebook curator as well. 

10. Also there is another feature, Facebook post insights shows analytics of all user’s fanpages (likes, comments, shares).

11. Finally there is a, Agency license (OTO) – allow users to add X number of accounts in their dashboard for clients. Client will have their own account and login credentials.

My post builder review
My post builder review

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FB Masters Program Review

Inside FB Masters Program Review

Welcome to my FB Masters Program Review. If you are looking for the ultimate social media training program this is FB Masters Program Review. Take my word for it this program is the most comprehensive I have ever seen. There are 6 modules packed with video theory and demo instruction. Each module has a handy pdf download and additional checklists to keep you on track throughout the program. It should be noted that the whole training package is over 6 hours long. Also, I would like to highlight the opportunity to join the face book group which dovetails  with the training and helps to enhance the training. JayKay, runs $100 competitions on ads and provides valuable critique on copy and media within the fb group.

FB Masters Program Review 1
FB Masters Program Review 1

Fb master program review:  40 videos are from 15 minutes to 30 minutes long of extremely coherent and clear delivery by Jay Kay Dowdall. Jay Kay, is a Face Book ad expert who knows his subject inside out. If you stick with it you will have a deep knowledge base of fb marketing for 2018. You going to learn about the types of traffic cold, warm, hot/ types of objectives, like engagement and traffic. Also conversation and creative ad types, including text ads. In addition to image, and image link ads. Popular video and  journey ad creation. Modules give detail on copy text and landing page compliance. Optimization, scaling, and key performance indicator analysis. Budgeting and much more. In conclusion you will never look back at marketing in the way it was done in the past. This a new progressive way of thinking unique and inspiring.

If you really want to know about face book marketing this the best program to date.

FB Masters Program Review 2
FB Masters Program Review 2

OTOs: FB Group and webinars, 1200 Image library, Full assessment /boot camp


In the Members Area You’ll Discover:

Ways to create the perfect  funnel and you will be able to convert FB traffic like crazy.

Also you will learn how to move traffic from Cold, to Warm,and Hot.

You will additionally be able to remarket FB traffic to your optin pages, affiliate salespages, and even upsells and high-ticket offers.

There is comprehensive training showing ways to create the 7 most effective Facebook ads.

The ways to optimize any campaign and scale for maximum performance.

How to keep Mark Zuckerberg happy and keep his compliance team off your back.

Do the research on your competitors pages and compare ethically their demographics.

The most important Pixel and event code to capture custom and look alike audiences.

FB Masters Program Review 3
FB Masters Program Review 3
My Anecdote

My anecdote for what its worth is an experience with FB ads 2008. At the time I had been following another marketing guru who promised riches and fast action. So, I had this great idea to promote ‘a lose weight (in so many days) offer’. I did just about every thing wrong you could have done. But the strange thing about FB in those days, is that they would approve ads strangely quickly, then two days later disapprove your ad, and instantly ban your account. Customer service stated the terms and conditions only with no detail. The moral of this story is to get the right solution upfront from the right source and don’t cut corners. The FB masters program really does tick all the boxes in my opinion.

FB Masters Program Review 4
FB Masters Program Review 4

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OTO 1: Success Social Academy ($27/mth)

This is a monthly recurring product with access to the following:

Campaign review and individually created feedback videos (provided inside FB Group)
Continuous updates to FB Master’s Program such as;
Branding on Instagram, and
Becoming an offline social media consultant, and
Bi-weekly workshops where students will see current campaign performances from JayKay’s ads, as well as clients and volunteer social media speakers.
Paid contests

In conclusion great value worth more than price!

OTO 1 Downsell (less than): Success Social Academy ($1 for 7 Day Trial)

Access to the above Social Success Academy for $1 for first 7 days

OTO 2 : DFY Facebook Images ($47)

Over 100 DFY images in multiple niches and,
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In 60secs you can have a high-quality facebook ad image ready for approval

In conclusion is you do not have the software great value.

OTO 2 Downsell (less than) : DFY Facebook Images ($37)

Same as above, but only 50 images included

In conclusion not a good offer IMO.

OTO 3 : FB Bootcamp ($497 @ 50% – ONLY 10 SPOTS AVAILABLE)

This is NOT a coaching offer
The bootcamp holds YOU accountable to the program by adding assessments/assignments to the members area and LOCKING future modules from opening until these assessments are completed.
Each Bootcamp attendee will be monitored and have set therefore deadlines to complete the next module.
These assessments will be reviewed by JayKay and his team and individual feedback will be provided by email with a pass/fail grade. Passing grades will open the next module to the student
Assignment example; therefore,
Create 2 basic design images and in the “dog training” niche
OTO 3 Downsell (less than) : FB Bootcamp ($197)

Same content as above, consequently this will not be locked and the assessments/assignments will not be graded.
You must self-regulate by completing these assignments on their own and hold themselves accountable.

Bonus Vault Review

Bonus Vault Review
What Do You Need To…

Collect More Leads, Bonus Vault Review meets these needs ezy
Sell More As An Affiliate,
AND to Launch YOUR OWN Products?

One Word Answer – CONTENT!

Bonus Vault review
Bonus Vault review

Yes that’s right…

You Need Content To Give Away As Lead magnets To Collect More Leads,
You Need Content To Provide As BONUSES In Your Affiliate Promotions
AND You Need Content To Launch YOUR OWN Products…

But You Have Tried To Create Your Own Content

And It’s PAINFUL, Right?

Bonus Vault review
Bonus Vault review

Well, What If I Told You That You Don’t Have To…

What If I Told You… Now You Can Get Access To a Library of

1000+ Done-For-You Digital Products in ANY NICHE That You Can Use:

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Reactor Review

Reactor Review


This is my review of Reactor product by Bill Hugall, Simple Spencer , and Brett Hitchcock. The training has been put together mainly by Brett who is a reputable internet marketer and well known for his ‘what you get is on the tin’ style of delivery. The method is very well written pdf and eight comprehensive videos in the members area.

Reactor Review
Reactor Review


What is the system? It’s a Facebook strategy well known for working in any niche and a method that will bring in quick returns as stated on the sale page. No you don’t need all the usual stuff i.e lists, sites, ad accounts etc. You can simply promote affiliate links or landers and grow. Mixed with other strategies this will get you started on the MMO life style.. There are a bunch of OTO/Downsells to choose from but the front end includes most of the necessary basics…

Reactor Review
Reactor Review
OTO/ Downsell List

Main Course – ($12) Reactor is a video course that shows you a simple 3-step system to get to $100 per day online using affiliate marketing. From this basic strategy you will be able to grow your IM business into a life changing future, with a bit of work of course!

Upgrade 1 ($27) – Brett’s Done-For-You Template + Over the Shoulder Training on how to use it. This is valuable in depth training which will get you going fast.

Upgrade 2 ($47) – License/Resale Rights – Sell Reactor as your own product and keep 100% of the commissions. (This is low cost at just $47).

Upgrade 3 ($197) – Personal One-on-One Coaching with Brett Hitchcock – This upsell is good value for this kind of one to one training. Brett will focus on making sure you are successful with the Reactor method and give you coaching until you succeed.



My Bonus if you buy via my link HERE are more IM strategies which will compliment Reactor



Reactor Review
Reactor Review

Viddyoze Review

Viddyoze Review

This is my Viddyoze review and bonuses below.

In this Viddyyoze review I will give an unbiased assessment of Viddyoze software and training. How many times have you seen the flashy intro which is often better than the video content. What about the outro that leaves you wanting to see more or get wondering how do they do that? Your second thought is I bet that cost a fortune? Well you are right it did cost Sky or Fox or whoever a fortune because they have a fortune of course. But just think if you could make the same impression repeatedly, how good would that be?  Viddyoze is properly the best-known software on the market and this is the latest version to be launched this year. Yes it’s version 3.0 right up to date with all of the graphics and wiz bangs you need to produce your rip roaring Viddyoze video.

Viddyoze Review
Viddyoze Review

Lets go back a few years no intros no outros. Life was easy or easier maybe just a power point slide on the front end and a sequence on the back end. Ok it worked, and everyone thought sure this is all I need it said what it said and that was it. However now who gets views more now? Power point or Viddyoze 3D full audio optimised cinematic videos? Yes, you are right again it is the latter. There is another You Tube algorithm to consider engagement time the most important. So, a ten second intro and a 30 second outro plus good content will rank your videos with nothing else. I am sure you can see the power of this, have a surf around some big channels and you will see why they are so successful.

Viddyoze Review
Viddyoze Review

Is there anything missing in the Viddyoze system well not much. But if you are new to video marketing you will need learn how to optimise your video and get ranking quickly. I am giving you a special Bonus if you buy though my link which will help you get to the top of Google and You Tube fast…


Viddyoze Template Club

Viddyoze Commercial

Viddyoze Personal

Viddyoze Template Pack

Viddyoze Plus

Viddyoze DFY


Viddyoze Review
Viddyoze Review
Bonuses: Optimise, Rank, Google and You Tube (buy via my link)
    • Video Aims
    • Video Types
    • Keyword Research
    • Recording Equipment
    • Smartphone Video
    • Prepare to Record
    • Video Template
    • Video Monetization
    • Video Editing
    • You Tube Channel
    • You Tube Uploading
    • You Tube Playlist Tube Connect and Engage
    • Video Traffic Email
    • Video Traffic Blog
    • Video Traffic Facebook
    • Video Traffic Twitter
    • Video Traffic Pinterest
    • Video Traffic Instagram
Viddyoze Review
Viddyoze Review


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