Watch the newest commercials on TV from Apple, Verizon, Kayak and more

Some highlights: the fruit smoothie brand, says”Small choices make a huge difference” in a firm with the tagline”But you healthy.” Travel site/app Kayak notes that it allows you to see how your baggage will influence the cost of your trip. And Apple says”If privacy matters in your own life, it should matter to your phone that your life is on.”

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Each weekday we bring you the Ad Age/iSpot Hot Spots, fresh TV advertising monitored by, the TV advertisement measurement and attribution firm. The ads here ran on national TV for the first time yesterday.

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Watch Shaquille Neal cry eating hot wings on Hot Ones


With this event, Shaq wished to redeem himself from the Shaq Chip Challenge, by which he insisted that he would not make a face. He tried his best about Hot Ones but finally broke down in tears over a hot sauce called”The Bomb.” Read …
“Welcome into Shaq’s edition of’Snotty Nose Wings’.” After ingesting a specially hot chicken wing, then NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal bust the joke out describing his time on the YouTube series Hot Ones from First We Feast.
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As you might be aware, the show, hosted by Sean Evans, is the net’s go-to destination to observe celebrities try to eat wings with progressively hotter hot peppers.  

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Chatbots and the Conversational Marketing Experience

Advertisers have faced the challenge of not only making their landing pages intriguing enough to keep end-users on their website, but equally informative to render their customers as to what they are consuming. Striking this balance has proven difficult — until now. Meet: The Chatbot.

Conversational marketing has existed since the creation of this cold-call. But similar to how a lot people associate with one another, this advertising strategy has developed to a text-based, messenger fashion. And its gaining traction at a quick pace over the past few years — Facebook allowed developers to place chatbots inside their Messenger platform; 30,000 were made within the initial six months of launching it and climbing to 100,000 incorporated within Facebook Messenger from September 2017.
Companies such as Drift provide chatbot solutions that”work as a concierge to companies when prospective customers arrive” on their site. These landing page gatekeepers, if you may, join users with employees who can provide advice on a case-by-case basis, relative to the customers’ specified period of the purchaser’s journey. This provides sales representatives the opportunity to get in touch with users the moment they land on the company webpage and supply them with information and articles that contrasts with their degree of aim — compelling initial in-person meetings and telephone calls into the side.

It’s important to understand that while chatbots are a wonderful resource for the company, they don’t possess the capabilities to do it all on their own — it’s still critical to maintain constant management of their interactions with users. With their assistance, you can’t forget a talk again or, better yet, a purchase.

With 34 percent of users discovering sites difficult to browse , having a Chatbot on your website eliminates, or at least, eases struggles your intended audience experience when browsing your site. And with consumer loyalty slowly fading away, customers are becoming more educated and crave a simpler, personalized experience — a craving chatbots may meet. Their 1:1 chat-style option offers the chance for potential leads to chat directly with a representative of your company that can offer answers to their particular needs.
Together with working as the”middle-men” between your company and your target audience, chatbots give on-demand answers to your own organizations FAQ’s, making a more seamless consumer experience. And in the present on-demand way of life, users won’t sit and await an answer, they’ll only find an option.

…and Customer Support

Part of the Sales Team…

When a user lands on your page, you typically have fifteen minutes to ignite their attention before they click on something which has more successfully captured their attention.

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Go Global with Cryptocurrency Accounting Platform

Recap, a privacy-focused bookkeeping software platform for cryptocurrency has secured a sizeable grant in Innovate UK to help launch its services worldwide. Recap was given #135,136 as a winner of the Transforming accountancy, legal and insurance services with AI and data contest. The financing was provided through the Government’s modern industrial plan by Innovate … Continue studying Go International with Cryptocurrency Accounting Platform

The article Go International with Cryptocurrency Accounting Platform appeared on CoinSpectator Blog.

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