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Hey friends, this video is our newest software called Raiid app. So what is Raiid  in a nutshell, it is a software that enables users to instantly find the best selling clickbank products in real time and then promotes syndicates and profits with just three simple steps.

So in step number one software finds out best selling products in any niche in real time by just entering a keyword in step. Number two red finds content to match, creates targeted hub posts and embeds user affiliate link and in step number three. It syndicates targeted content across multiple platforms and drives lots of free traffic for you.

So now let's, go ahead and see how the app works so right now you can see I'm in the dashboard of raid app.

I have already logged in with my user id so here. The first thing you have to do is you have to select your sub domain. So let's, go ahead and select our sub domain. I want to start my website in weight loss niche.

So let's, go ahead and start with this. So let's select this sub domain, so it's available. Now I will decide the site title so here you have to put your clickbank id and if you don't know how to create.

You can create one. I have added tutorial over here. So let's, add our clickbank id and from here you can select your niche. So here, in this case, I'm, going to focus on cooking and food related to weight loss.

So I will click here on cooking and food, or else you can see. We have got health and fitness here as well. So now you can see my site is already created, but it will take some time. Few minutes to uh set up the sub domain and activate everything.

So after four or five minutes, your site would be ready. So after that you can go ahead and edit your site. As per your requirement, you can simply click here to go and customize the feel and look of your website.

So right now here I'm in the dashboard and my website that i have created with the subdomain weight loss is appearing over here. So let's, go ahead and start with the product research, so click on product that's.

The step number one – and here you have to put your keywords so weight loss is my keyword. I will click on search now. Software will give me every single product that is available on clickbank, with the details, so like uh, how much commission you can make? What is the average dollar per cell and average rebuild and all that stuff? What is the gravity? Every single thing this software gives you, then you can decide which one to promote, but let's go ahead now for now with this product.

Okay – and we will promote this so click on promote here. Okay again just enter your keywords, so say: weight loss and we have to now search for fields. Okay, so just click on search feeds, and now you can see here.

Few articles relate to related to your keywords. So let's, go ahead and edit. This one so click on save and edit. So now here you can see the shortlisted post is over here. So what we will do, we will just go and click on save and next and post is added successfully.

Once that is done, you can go here again in the dashboard and you can check your page okay once you click and your page is ready, it will look like so this is how your clickbank website will look like.

So, whenever someone clicks on any of these posts, you can see here the button okay to promote relevant product and the button is embedded with your affiliate links. So when someone clicks on this button and purchases product, you will get the commission.

So this is how raid app works, so that's it for now. Thank you so much

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