How I make Money With Google Adwords Fast!

Hey guys, welcome back to my channel now today’s. Video is gonna be about Google AdWords. Now you guys have heard me talk about Google AdWords before my previous videos. It’s. What I use to get my local service business up to 40 thousand dollars a month now, this video is gonna, be about 15 20 minutes long.

Okay, I’m gonna go pretty in-depth with a lot of things, but I’m. Not going to you know tell you that you’re gonna be a complete AdWords specialist. After this video is over. Obviously, there’s, a lot of things involved with, like keyword, planners demographics, audiences, you know, keywords, negative keywords all this other stuff, but I’m gonna show you guys the main meat of the operation that the real like things, you Should focus on that are gonna be keywords, you know, I add extension.

Basically, everything people will see like you’re, not really gonna. Do the you know the deep rooted you know audience tracking and you know demographic targeting and all these other words you guys might not even understand that I personally don’t even understand, but we will go over all of the important aspects of Google Adwords, so that it can help you and your company that you’re gonna be building, and one more thing guys.

I’m gonna be releasing a vlog. Today it’s, gonna be covering some good and bad news, bad news being my car good news, being Amazon FBA, so stay tuned. For that, so let’s, get right into Google Adwords.

Shall we so, as you guys can tell here, I’m gonna show you guys some things to note here now, as you guys can see right here, I’ve spent two thousand seventy dollars and from April 9th to May 10th Now this $ 2,070 made me ten thousand dollars now I bet you’re, wondering that’s, pretty crazy man.

Why don & # 39? T you just advertise every month! Well, the thing is it: doesn’t turn into ten thousand dollars right away. It’s, six to seven thousand dollars right off the bat and then with twenty or thirty percent of that six to seven thousand dollars.

You originally made turned into retaining customers well into next year indefinitely. As long as you’re doing a good job as a business man, you will keep these house cleanings recurring, always happening.

So this two thousand dollars, like I said, turns into ten thousand dollars three and four or five months down the road. So imagine that if you are to concurrently advertised for five months by the time, your interior fifth month of advertising, you already have four months of reoccurring: customers continuing on.

So it’s like like compounds and like it’s like crazy. How much money you can make off? Maybe ten thousand dollars of investments you could probably make maybe a hundred thousand dollars. Eighty two hundred thousand dollars over the course of a whole year just from advertising alone, and that’s, not including friends and family of these people, that you clean houses for saying hey these people do great work.

You know make sure to hire them for your house and whatever so there’s, you guys could see how that grows and then, naturally, with more with more customers, you get more reviews on Yelp. You get more reviews on Google, you’re.

You’re, then starting to show up more organically on the Google search. You know so you don’t even have to advertise. After after a year or two of doing this, you don’t even have to advertise. You’re, just naturally a you know, a business that people know and associate with quality and and good prices and whatever so, like.

I said guys this two thousand dollars. This was spent five six months ago. It’s turned into ten thousand dollars easy by now. I know it has, but you know right now. I have all my all. My all of this stuff is paused, because I’m overwhelmed with work.

Like I said before, I don’t want any more business, believe it or not guys. I do not want any more money, so I’m good with that for now, so I’ll. Show you guys exactly the main information you guys need to take out of this now.

One more thing I want to note is click-through rates and that’s. What you guys see on the right here, anything above 3 %, 2 % – is good. Okay, anything about 4, 3, 3 or 4 %. Amazing. Ok, so just make sure that that’s.

The one thing you’re, paying attention to when you’re, starting your own campaigns. Now, obviously, you guys will see here. This is point zero, four eight percent, but I only had ten clicks, so it didn’t work out for me.

Cuz my website is not pressure-washing. Like I don’t know it’s, not based around pressure washing. So naturally it won’t, get a lot of people converting through my website. So I’ve only spent thirty bucks on it said I have whatever I’ll just focus on another time, so you know I’m, considering personally to actually start doing pressure wash as a side business as another company.

So register another company with a website made specifically for pressure washing so that, while everyone else is we do it all. I do it specifically, so they’re more likely to hire me because I am like specialized in one eye in one business.

You know like versus yeah, we do it all. You know I mean because sometimes people don’t like the whole. We do it all companies, you know I mean so you know just food for thought guys so anyway. So I’m.

Gon na get into the main main information you guys should know hit campaigns hit, the plus symbol hit new campaign. You guys will see this now. This is where all this is where your life starts: changing.

Okay, because once you have these little five things up here, this is where you know this is where you start the whole advertising journey know now. You guys want to do search Network because Display Network shopping, video and universal app has nothing to do with local service.

Businesses now Display Network. Yes, it works, but I think it’s, just a waste of money, because it shows your your advertisement next to associated websites with associated cleaning like top 10 house cleaning tips.

You should do you know, and then I & # 39. Ll show your ad on the side like a need. A house cleaning boom click this so don & # 39. T worry about those those just don’t convert well remember when people go on Google and they’re.

Looking for a for a you know, service they are looking to book. They’re, not looking to like sit there and compare – and maybe you know, waste your advertising money and waste other websites, advertising money.

They’re seriously. Googling house cleaning company in order to actually hire you and you know, have you sent out to their house and start making money that way. So just keep that in mind and then there’s website traffic now website traffic is what you should go for because, like I said, if you have a really really good website website traffic, so what you want! You just want people who want to visit your website to convert on your website now leads and sales.

This is more suited to web apps and, and you know, like selling stuff, Shopify stores and leads. I know you want leads. I mean that’s. Essentially, what you want, but I still do website traffic because you can it’s, it’s more.

It’s more customizable to do website traffic because, like I said you know, when people search things in the in the in the in the search bar, you get exactly the customers you want, so you hit website traffic.

Then you name your business. Whatever you know, cleaning for you, calm whatever, so if one of you guys on that website, URL sorry for using as an example, hit next go to campaign name house cleaning, because that’s honestly, where make a lot of my money is housecleaning.

Now now here you guys will see networks make sure this is checked to include Google search partners, but make sure this is on no expand your reach by showing ads to relevant customers as they browse sites, videos and apps across the internet know you know that if They see your ad on a YouTube video like off to the side or something or they see your advertisement on like a website.

They frequent very often they’re. Not gonna want to give you their money because they’re. Not maybe they’re like looking up house cleaning chemicals. They’re, not actually looking for a house cleaner.

So if they do click on your ad, they’re, just wasting your money because they they’re. Maybe they might just click it to see, but they’re, actually in no way invested in becoming a customer. So obviously you don’t want that to pop up, and then you want to pick your location now.

Your location is very, very important now, if you hit and I’ll show you guys this real quickly. But if you hit United States, you can just put in a zip code and then I’ll. Do whatever’s in that zip code now, the way I do it is a little different.

So I’m, going to show you guys an example of a very expensive neighborhood that I like to work in, and this is where I charge that $ 400, an hour that you guys seen in my previous video 972. 9. If I’m, not mistaken, it should be that one let’s – see here been here so many times already know exactly where I’m looking at for okay.

So here we go. I click on this and, as you guys can tell let me just go down the street here. You guys will see exactly what I’m talking about okay and let’s turn around as you guys can tell big houses, big houses.

Look at all these houses out in the valley here boom. Look at these huge huge houses. Okay, now these each of these houses, if they called me tomorrow for out roof cleaning window cleaning pressure cleaning any I’m, talking thousands of dollars per each home.

Now these are like, I said one one and a half million dollar homes – and you know I’ve. Actually personally done this house right here, I’ve done one of these houses. I’m, not mistaken. One of these two houses over here before and I charged them each every time over a thousand dollars for whatever it was window, cleaning pressure washing roof cleaning.

You know like this roof right here is extremely steep, so for this one I charge. Maybe twenty five hundred dollars – because I’d – have to well not me, but one of my employees would have to drill into their roof and then put safety harnesses on it and then hang off the side of the the roof.

Because, obviously the you know they won’t have a foothold on that steep of a roof. So this house right here two thousand dollars two thousand for a roof cleaning right and so, like I said guys, you know this is all potential business.

So the way I do this is instead of just doing the zip code, because I know, for example, I might know this zip code, but I might not know I don’t know this zip code over here or like this zip code over here.

So I might not know that so what I do is instead, I pick the zip code through advanced search. So what you do is you just click, the nine seven two, two nine okay zip code and then you do it by radius or actually sorry, you do 979.

After you click radius and then you click the city. And then you pick a like a how many miles around it you want. So let’s just say I don’t, know three miles. Okay, so you want three miles around nine.

Seven, two to nine. Okay, come on there, we go so three miles around. So here we go okay, so it’s. It’s picked for some reason. It’s, picking all twenty thousand, but let’s. Not do that. Do this again, sorry guys it’s, just sometimes it’s there.

We go so three three miles around the area. Now, of course, like I said you’re gonna be missing out on all these customers. Here all these customers here all these customers here, so it helps if you maybe want to do one in Portland like this, you just go to Portland Oregon and then you do it like a three-mile around there or maybe maybe you exit that out and you go Portland and then you click while cdcl clunky.

It is guys, so you want to first change the miles then hit Portland then hit Oregon and then boom. There you go now. You got a bigger bubble, okay and when they overlap, that does not mean you ping twice.

The costs okay, so when they overlap it does not mean you know twice the cost, so you want to like avoid maybe poor neighborhoods. So, like let’s, say I like Lake Oswego right so Lake Oswego, because Lake Oswego is very uh, is a very wealthy neighborhood.

So you include that maybe you want a little bit of Tiger right. Tigard like I said it might overlap. You know. Maybe maybe you want to do tennis born in Hillsboro and all this area over here? You know you want it like you do this, and then you can pretty much guarantee where you’re gonna be advertising.

Now, like I said you hit save there, you go you fixed all your bubbles, you want to be around the biggest neighborhoods, the richest parts of town. You move forward. Obviously one english manual pay per click, turn this crap off now.

The reason I call it crap is because a crap per click so shitty, jokes aside, this is terrible. Don’t use this, because what it does is it it ups. Your bid amount to sometimes give you conversions, which basically means as they up your bid, because you were so close to showing up on the front page, but you didn’t, so they upped your bid.

So you would basically, if you have $ 500 a month to spend on advertising. This is gonna make it cost seven hundred dollars over the course of a month, just because it always bids you up, basically free money for for Google, so don’t do this and then you want to have a daily budget.

Now I’d, start off with 25 dollars, guys fifty dollars, you might get a call a day, maybe no calls today. Maybe you just wasted 25 bucks and you don’t, get a call, remember guys, people just because they saw your website today does not mean they won’t call tomorrow.

Maybe they’ve mentally noted it. Maybe they wrote it down somewhere so, like I said, if you put, if you put your daily budget as $ 25.00, you have it running for a whole day. No one calls you don & # 39.

T get scared realize that maybe they might call you tomorrow. Maybe the call might call you the next day. No one ever does this remember these. Are these? Are people finally pay you hundreds of dollars, you can’t just expect them to just do it the first.

Second, they get an opportunity to do so. Maybe they need to wait for their paychecks to come. You know stuff like that, so you hit $ 25 now sitelink extensions, call-out extensions, call extensions, so very simple: okay, without showing you guys my these are all mine.

So I’m, not gonna scroll over them, because it’s gonna pop up exactly what I offer and it’s. Gon na show my personal information, so I’m gonna just hit new site link extension. I’m gonna explain to you guys exactly.

How knows you guys will see contact us blah blah blah. So I’m gonna make another one contact us now. What a site link is this I’m gonna show you guys exactly. This is what a site link is. So if I go move cleaning, I think I hurt my puppies upstairs if I go roof cleaning.

These are site links right here, so, as you guys can tell, I don’t want to click on this guy. This guy’s. Listening because I’ll, you know charged him five, six, seven, eight bucks. So if I were to click on roof cleaning, you guys can tell that I’m gonna go on his website where it shows roof cleaning.

If I click gutter clean it’s, gonna take it to his website that those gutter cleaning – and then you know he has this – is another. This is called a call extension so right here, or let me just finish this so call us at.

I don’t, know whatever blah blah blah number and then we offer top tier cleaning services perfect. Look at that 35 out of 35. Okay, obviously don’t worry about this number and then you would hit whatever the URL is.

So go: do you know so so here you would click whatever the URL is said be like cleaning for you. Comm forward, slash contact us it doesn’t actually have to link to anything believe it or not guys. This is just a final URL.

You could just send them to your website. You don’t need to send them to any certain page. If you don & # 39, t have any pages just leave it as the final final URL and then, if you want here, you can like do tracking templates and all this other stuff.

But you don & # 39. T need to worry about that. That’s, just crazy stuff at first to work. You know to realize and to try to make use of your first time doing it. So don & # 39. T worry about any of this site, link, URL stuff, Advanced Options.

Do you prefer your things showing up on mobile don’t click this? If you don & # 39, t have a website that caters to a mobile audience. I’ve, so you don’t want to do that. You don’t want to have any start.

You know. No, you don’t want to mess with any of these days. You just want it to run all days as many add ads, as you can run for the sitelink extensions. So you guys can tell that there’s, a bunch of different kinds of extensions.

Now these are like, I said all what’s going to be under here so like right here, you know you can tell this. Guy has a call extension. This guy has a call-out extension right here. These are sitelink extensions.

This is a location extension. They’re, just a ways to make your listing look more professional, like you have more information to know. I’d. Like I said I won’t click these because it & # 39. Ll actually show my personal information, so you just hit save and continue.

Well, let’s. Just say you’ve made some. You make sure you want to make sure you check them off that way. O campaign with this already exists because I already had one so I’m just gonna name it to housecleaning.

One. Ok, leave all that stuff. Make sure you add all your site links, check, mark mall, add to all of them save and continue okay moving on now, your ad group name. So this is where all your information is going to be.

This is how you’re gonna send all of your customers to this is how you’re gonna pretty much make your whole all of your ads. So you go. I don’t know you name it housecleaning. One: okay, well, that’s.

What mine is called now. This is a ad group, so that means this ad group is gonna show up whenever people look for certain search terms, so let’s just say you want whatever your. I don’t know you want seven dollars a bit: okay, so seven dollars a bit for every click that you get.

So this is only five clicks today, but believe me, five clicks a day is more than enough to get some money going. So what you want to do is this is where you make your advertisement, okay, so this is where you put all your keywords.

This is where you put all your search terms. Now you guys will see right down here. It says broad map is just the keyword you put quotes around it. That’s. A phrase match if you do, that. That is a exact match so, for example, find house cleaning company, okay and then, if you put brackets okay, so sorry about that guys, the website just decided to take a crap on me.

So it is what it is so anyways we’re back to the ad group name. So, like I said, house cleaning one okay and then you want to have a default default bid for seven dollars, and then you want to put in your search terms now, like I said, if you want to go, find house cleaning company okay, this makes this will Only pop up for your company, if exactly if they’re searching for this term exactly if they’re if they’re searching for something like you put in the quotes and you go find house cleaning company.

Sorry about all this typing guys, if you type it in like this, that means, if they were to type in, for example, find a house cleaning company near me. You would then pop-up for this listing here. You would not pop up for this one, because that’s, not exactly what they searched for.

You would pop up for this like find a, would it would, it would add, in the a it would add in the near mean okay, so that would that’s? What that one is so this one is exact that one’s. A phrase and the this one right here is a find house cleaning company, okay, so this one would, for example, you know if someone wrote, find or house cleaning or, like you know, any of these terms.

Okay, so any of these terms can set off this. So this is not what you want to run. You definitely do not want to run this one because, like I said, someone could type in this house cleaning chemicals and then you would pop up.

Obviously you’re, not trying to sell house cleaning chemicals. You’re trying to sell services now that’s, what we call a negative keyword chemicals, so I’ll. Show you guys exactly why that’s, that that’s, a thing as well.

So what you want to do is this find or you want to go like this find house cleaning house cleaning services so why the plus sign? Well, none of nothing here says a plus sign. These are what they call B MMS, so broad broad match, modifier.

Okay, basically, there’s. They don’t talk about it, but broad matching modified is basically like the plus sign. So you can all okay, for example. So if date, if anyone types in house cleaning back like in in the search bar, they type in house cleaning if they write find or services next to this, then this will pop up.

These will pop up, but these will only pop up if they put these two words oops, they will only they will all these like, like I said this: if they type in house cleaning, then services and find will pop up it will it will add it to It, but only if they were house cleaning together so obviously like I said you want to this is still not perfect, but this is very, very good.

So if someone says you know, I’m gonna copy this right here, and so, if someone says, look for you know or help me find okay, if any, if anyone one of these has house cleaning in it, this will pop up.

It will fill in phrases and and broad matches. You know it will fill it in. So that way you get a lot of search traffic. Okay, so let’s. Just move on. I’m gonna take off this. I’m just gonna have one key word because, but, like I said you guys, you guys want to have both.

You know you want to have a little bit of find. You know not on the plus button find house plus sign cleaning company. So only if they only if they go house cleaning company in one sentence will it add the find, will it add the whatever you know, so you obviously want to have varieties of this.

Like you know, house cleaning near near me, and then you want to decide whether you want to have this in brackets for a exact search or near my town or near Philadelphia. You know ever you live near New York.

You know like, for example, just like I said you’re. Just gonna have to fill out a hundred of these. It’s. It’s, not all that easy, but once you get it going it’s pretty much on autopilot. At that point, all you do is just look at it and just measure it out and see what your click-through rate is.

If it’s under 3 %, consider changing some fonts around are not fonts. Consider changing some ad groups swap out some stuff like I said this is not a completely comprehensive guide on AdWords, but this helps you exactly to do what you want to do now.

Like I said here, you could do cleaning for you and then I was cleaning and then this will actually give you a keyword idea. So, okay, so I don’t know why it’s showing me don’t domain names here. Oh there we go I just had to so here we go.

Look at look at all these terms right here. It will add them on, so you just do this boom boom boom, but see like I said this is a phrase. This is not gonna be exact, so you might have to you know, put brackets around some of this stuff because, like I said, cleaning services you know, might be cleaning chemical services or cleaning pressure, cleaning pressure, cleaning services, you don’t like stuff, Like that, so you guys want to be careful that you’re, not promoting your services to customers who will never buy so you hit, enter and hit.

You know move on and then here you go. You create your ad! Now simple right! You put your final URL as cleaning for you, okay, that’s; your that’s, where your long, your main pages, the best the best house cleaning company near the best house, cleaning company that doesn’t fit okay, the Best: cleaning, company – okay, let us let us clean your home, you know, like I, don’t know this is just generic.

You obviously have to put a lot of thought into this guys and then, if you want to have a path like you know, this doesn’t actually go anywhere like I said this is a display path, so this is not actually gonna.

Go to any certain website, but if you go, I don’t, know house cleaning Portland. It makes it look like you’re catering to their oughta to their to their location. So you might have an ad group that’s specifically for one city and then you might have a different ad group for another city.

Like I don’t know like let’s just say you know you’re cleaning in in Chicago, so you go Chikako cleaning services, let us clean your home and then you go house cleaning Chicago and then, if you Want to do another city, you go, I don’t, know New York, okay, so New York, cleaning services and no, you know you change this to New York.

Okay, that way, you cater to your audience. Okay, now add URL options. Don’t worry about this guys. This is more complicating work, but a description is one thing I forgot here. You know the best cleaning services in New York, for example, guaranteed to satisfy your needs.

Okay, something like that. You want to obviously make a nice little and then you hit done okay, then you want to click. The side make all. Obviously it’s already clicked and then boom there’s. Your ad now um it okay, doesn’t, allow punctuation.

I forgot about that. Okay, so you want to just put periods, no punctual, no, no, no, no symbols, okay hit done, hit, save and continue boom. We are alive. Now I’m. Going to take this off before I get charged for it, but here you go guys.

Your first ad group is up and running now. I change it around a little bit, so I can’t really see what it looks like um, Allah yeah. I don’t know how to how to make it. But basically, if you guys just once this is life, you guys can literally just go into your search term.

So you click your ad group. You see your keywords here like this and then you could honestly as long as you’re in the zone, with your pay per click, you could just honestly go to Google and then say: oh look, a cleaning company right, so you type in cleaning Company and you’d, be the first one here right.

You’d, be the first one here. So just that’s as simple. I hope guys that I didn’t confuse you too much and then there’s. One more thing. I wanted to show you guys that I just now realized negative keywords.

This is the devil. This is the scariest most the worst part about this. Okay, negative keywords is so you don’t pop up for something like this, for example. Now this might make you guys laugh, but actually I don’t want to Google this, because this are you to video butt-naked cleaning, company, okay, that is a thing: okay, guys naked cleaning, company; okay.

That is a thing that’s. That’s, a thing believe it or not, or naughty maid cleaning company. Believe me, that is a literally a thing. People actually do this stuff, so obviously you want to take naughty out.

So if somebody types a naughty cleaning company, you do not want to pop up. If you want to go naked cleaning company, you do not want to pop up because believe me guys who this is a very niche kind of idea.

If people see your business pop up for naked or cleaning, they’re gonna click on it. They’re gonna cost you money and then you’re gonna be sin. They’re, like what the hell I just spent 20 bucks on dudes looking for naked housemates to clean their house and obviously you don’t offer that so you know.

Maybe it’s, a good business idea, don’t ask me, but, like I said, you want to make sure you take this off like chemicals is a good word. You don’t want to have chemicals, chemicals, cleaning company. You know you want to just make sure that you’re, not popping up for none of these so like maybe your competitors like Molly made, I don’t want to pop up for their listings, because if people are searching for a Specific name like, for example, if I’m looking up for Nike and then adidas pops up, I’m, not gonna click on adidas, because I was looking at Nike right.

So this is just another thing you guys got to keep in. You know just realize that that this is just how it’s. Gon na be so, you want to come up with a bunch of words that you do not want to be popping up for you know, so just keep that in mind and then, as soon as you’re done, you know you’Re done you move on, you go to search keywords right so, like I said, and then, if you do ever want to find out what negative key terms are you go to search terms here and it will tell you what you have been popping up for.

So if you see in certain words you don’t like like naked or or whatever you know, cuz clip believe me believe it or not. It is a thing, so you might be popping up for, like words like naked, you want to make sure to go into negative, and then you want to add all the negative words blah blah blah.

Now I you know, make it and then make sure you save this, because I didn’t, say this so add naked and then nakeds here now it’s, a negative keyword. It’s, not gonna pop up. If it’s anywhere in in a search title, so hopefully that gives you guys a good idea of how to make an ad.

Hopefully it wasn’t too too overwhelming, and I wanted to thank you guys for watching this video. I know it’s. Gon na be a little longer video I feel like it. I’ve, been recording for like an hour and a half now so I want to thank you guys for watching, and hopefully you guys have a good day and you know stay tuned for maybe another vlog.

I might be coming out with one later today. I have some crazy news about to tell you guys about my car and oh, I’m approaching this whole situation. So thank you guys so much, and hopefully you guys have a great day thanks. FREE TRAINING

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Guru in a box product review and demo video

Hey guys, what is up, this is Kam Jennings, the creator of guru in a box, and i just wanted to record this video, really quick for all my affiliate friends who are promoting uh guru in a box and who believe in this product.

What I wanted to do is  just wanted to kind of like show you guys the sales page. Then to show you inside guru, in a box to see what it looks like kind of give you a tour of the product so to speak.

Anyways. This is the sales page for guru in the box, as you can see it’s monochrome. I want it to be nice and easy and simple on the eyes. Guys, guru in a box is 46 hours of audio recordings. It’s. A lot of content, it’s, a hundred marketing lessons.

This package comes with full plr rights. You guys, i recorded all these audio lessons they are done by me personally. I recorded them over a period of nine months. Okay, so this is not some regurgitated plr here.

This is all done by me. Personally, it’s, unique content, a lot of charisma. With this content, a lot of actionable content, a lot of stories in there it’s, just unique awesome content done with charisma, it’s great.

This is the sales page. It’ll. Give you all the details on the sales page. You’ll, find the titles to every single episode in there, and you know it’s, just kind of your typical sales page that talks about what this product is, what you can do with it, and you know how cool it is.

You can look a little bit farther here and you see the plr license that comes with this product, so this is not some blind sales page. This is not some uh. You know. Surprise inside you & # 39, ll, see what it is when you buy.

It kind of sales page this sales page is going to tell you exactly what you’re, getting, which makes it amazing, okay, um. Now what i want to do,  to let you look at the sales page at your leisure, but what i want to do now is: i want to show you inside guru, in a box.

So when you get guru in a box, the cool thing is, it is a downloadable pdf right, so there’s. No, like you know you don’t have to have any kind of like uh, password or login. You’re, not going to buy this, and then you’re, going to be sitting there staring at a at a login screen and you were never given a password and you don’t know what your login is.

You can’t log in now. You got to send an email to the creator and it’s, a big hassle right, not here. When you buy this, you’re, going to get a pdf that you can download. You’re, going to be empowered.

Okay, you’re gonna be empowered to be able to download all these modules directly as soon as you pick this up. Okay, your plr license is right. Here you got bonuses right here. You got the bonuses that i announced on the sales page and you got more bonuses that i didn’t announce and i’m not going to announce them.

You’ll figure, those out when you get in there. It’s extra stuff, it’s, really awesome. You got an episode index and you got five modules. 46 hours of greatness. Okay, all you got ta do is click on. Actually, you know what let me go back.

Let me click on this, so it does recognize me so as if i was one of you guys picking this up. Let’s. Click on this incognito window. You’re gonna see a screen that looks like this okay and it’s.

Gon na have all 20 of the episodes in that module, because this 100 episodes is divided into five modules. 20 episodes in each module – and all you got to do – is click open one and download all simple.

As that then repeat that process a few times and you’ll – have all five modules. All 100 episodes guys a hundred episodes of audio content. Do you realize if you started a membership program, you could literally drip out an episode a week to your members and you would have enough content for almost two years, that’s insane.

This package is absolutely fantastic, buy with confidence. My friends, you’re, absolutely gonna love it that’s. All i got man. I hope this video helps you guys kind of figure out what is inside guru in the box.

It is straight amazing content. You’re gonna love. It thanks. So much guys and i’ll, see you inside guru. In a box, peace, everybody

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Welcome to this Edu Pay review demo and bonuses

Welcome to this edu pay review now for those of you out there who have ever used, udemy or udacity coursera or any one of these platforms where you can upload or follow courses.

Edupay is a product similar to those, but it’s, a tool that you can use to make your own courses and essentially make your own udemy kind of site. Today we’re, going to take a look at edupat. I’m, going to show you exactly what that looks like and how you can succeed and make money with it and as well as that, i’ve, also thrown in a couple of extra of my exclusive bonus tools that, i think Are going to go hand in hand with edupace so that you get the absolute most out of it? You really hit the ground running and you can definitely succeed with it so before we get into that drop a like on this video hit, subscribe and turn on that bell notification.

If you want to be updated with new products coming out like this all the time that are going to help you to find success and make money online, if at any moment during this video, also, if you want to jump ahead, make sure you first go through The link in the description, what that will do, is first take you through to my bonus page, which looks like this and the way this page works is.

It is integrated with the official edupay website. So if you do decide to go with it, you’ll, not only get edupay, but you’re, also going to get all these extra tools thrown in a big bundle that you can access immediately.

The first tool i’m, throwing in is a product that is going to help you to find your niche. Ask yourself the right questions to ensure that you take the first step correctly. Most people who quit online start in a direction and then things get difficult and then they just kind of drop off and they think this is too hard or i’m, not interested in this or you know i don’t like It or whatnot, and for me the main reason for that is they don’t, take the first step correctly.

They don’t know how to ask themselves the right questions that pushes them on a path that their strength, that they have strength in that they have an interest in that they can talk about freely, that they can create content with that they enjoy.

You know being around and being doing things related to that thing that they like and that they’re there. They have um proclivity in so this is going to help you to ask the right questions to yourself.

So you take that first step correctly and for my money i think a tool like edupay should be done in a specific niche kind of way, rather than a generalized way, so creating videos based around maybe one particular topic, because you don’t want To be a generalist and compete with those giants like udemy, it’s better to sort of like niche out and then maybe own create a site.

That is only videos about one topic, like only videos about scr, or only you know, tutorials about yoga or only tutorials about you know whatever um you know, keto cooking or whatever it is that you’re into the next bonus.

I’ve thrown in is my book, the 30-minute purpose business, and this builds on sort of like what i did the blueprint that i followed in order to find success online and a lot of it goes into how i started and the process i Followed in order to get into coaching, so if you’re, creating videos which are essentially coaching on a platform like edupay, it’s.

Gon na go in conjunction with this really well, because i’ve got scripts in here. I’ve got how to set up a lesson or how to set up a coaching session so that anybody can do it. I’ve got contracts in there.

I’ve got pricing. As i said, i’ve got scripts for social media um on the phone, how to find clients. These are all tested. It goes into how to build a website. It goes into really everything that i followed.

I mostly make money in coaching and digital product creation and affiliate marketing, so this goes into everything that i did and i try to document it in here, but it also has that educational spin on it, which i think is gonna, go well with a tool Like edupay bonus, number three is going to go into probably the biggest milestone that people face, which is getting traffic to the thing that they have created online, whether that’s, an ecom store or an edu pay education service.

So this is going to go into traffic uh, getting techniques from social media forums. It’s, going to go into growth, hacking techniques that people use in order to grow very very quickly. You’ve, probably seen people around on instagram or whatever different platforms.

They seem to just grow really quickly a lot quicker than you, and you know there are ways you can go about it and i’ve thrown everything. I know about growth, hacking and getting traffic into this product here.

So you’re. Definitely gonna you know be able to overcome that hurdle. A lot easier, bonus, number four. It goes into copywriting and persuasion. I think this is gonna help you, when you make videos when you’re, adding titles descriptions, maybe when you’re doing a bit of email marketing.

If you’re doing ads, if you’re, going to get edu, pay and run ads to different courses, you’re. Going to create a copy is super important. You don’t need to be an expert. I put the basics into this program here so that you understand you know just how to really.

If you just know a little bit of copy, you know it’s, going to exponentially uh help you to generate sales and help you to have an effect on people, so that’s. Why i threw that in there bonus number five is i’ve got new full access to the vendor, bonus vault.

They’ve. Given me a bunch of bonuses to give to you. So if you pause your screen here, we’ve got facebook live marketing, uh a bunch of facebook, uh related products. There uh traffic ads youtube ads.

Modern video marketing that’s. Gon na help you on camera as well. We’ve got some other bonuses down here: instant success, site, wordpress, auto ranker fan, automator pain, member video profiteer, social traffic machine and wordpress video ace plug-in so a bunch of plug-ins there that they felt will also go hand-in-hand with edupay um, so yeah And that will all be thrown in as well.

So if that all sounds good to you step, one link in the description go to the bonus page lock in the bonuses with these green buttons. That will send you off to edupay uh to their page, which looks like this go through this page in your free time make a more informed decision.

If you do decide to purchase, you & # 39, ll be sent a digital receipt which looks like this and under the green button, will be edupay under the blue button, all those other bonuses um. Now this is a launch week special.

So you know keep your eye on this countdown timer, because basically, the sooner you get in the way more you’re, going to get for the lower price, so keep your eye on that and uh without further ado, let’s.

Get into edupay let’s, see what it’s all about then to create an entire edupace site, so that’s. To create an entire done-for-you. E-Learning site is as simple as this. We click correct which give our site a subdomain, so it’s going to be.

In this case, i’m, going to call it learn web and we will give it a title. So this is learn web. We can upload a logo if we wish, or if you don’t want to, we will actually automatically generate a logo for you, so you don’t have to upload one.

I’m, going to just go with the default one. We then select a niche, so we & # 39. Ve got some of the hottest most in-demand. Skill sets right now. These are skill sets that people are actively searching for wanting to retrain and re-equip themselves for in a changing economy.

These are all skill sets that have absolutely thrived during the recent lockdown periods around the world. These are the things people want to pay you for to learn about. So i’m going to choose web development and then i’m, going to click a button to create my website, and we just need to let it generate a few different things done and it’s as easy.

As that guys, amazing, of course, we now have a full online education site all about web development. Obviously, web development is a really ultra in-demand skill set right now. Anyone who can create website is really really valuable in the workplace and let me show you the site that has been created and boom.

Look at this guys, an incredible incredible, beautiful website that’s, been designed and created for us just by choosing a niche given a site title. This has all been done for us. It comes looking like this is standard amazing, outside out of the box, but this is all as well fully customizable, we’ve got loads of themes, loads of design options, which i’ll, take you through in just a sec, but let’s.

Take a look at this guys. Look at this all of these different courses, dozens of courses added to your site or pertaining to your chosen niche out of the box um and let’s. Just click on one of these here.

So you can see here that each course features all of the different course content. It shows you about all the different features there’s, a full different description of the course reviews, and even a course, okay, so for setup, what you want to do is download the course and on top of that, the buy button has been added.

So that you make 100 commissions from all all sales, how does this work? Well, let me explain to you so if we just head back to the dashboard here, you can see, all of the courses are available to you.

Each of the course we can go and have a look at it and edit it from within. Here the course. Basically, all of these courses we have added to warrior plus for you already warrior, plus payment platform.

So you don’t have to worry about installing any shopping carts you don’t have to worry about product delivery. You don’t have to worry about even customer support. We take care of all of that, for you.

So all you need to do is just go here, click this and then you request approval and you just say request offer. We will then approve your offer at 100 commissions, so we will approve. We we will personally approve you.

We’ll just takes us a couple of seconds to do that. So if we just refresh the page we are now approved, we can then copy this address, and then we go back to our site and then we enter our affiliate link in here.

That’s. It boom and you are now anytime. Someone goes to your site, so let’s, go back to our site, um! Let’s. Go back to learn web view, the site, so now anytime, anyone goes to buy. So what was the one? This is one that we just did any one time anyone buys here.

Your affiliate link is embedded there and you will get full credit. You will get 100 commissions from any sale. So you don & # 39. T need to worry about the bench. Shopping. Cart! You don’t need to worry about handling payments.

You don’t need to worry about product delivery. It’s, all done for you by us all set up on warrior plus, but you get 100 commissions from all of the sales. It’s that simple and as soon as you i’ve just applied for for one course and have been approved.

You’re, then set on auto approval bias for all of the courses. So, every time you get a new course and by the way guys, i forgot to mention this. If you have a look here on top of all of these courses that are already done for you when you first, you know first start using the software you’ll, also get completely free, a brand new course added to your site by us.

Every single week, so you get dozens of courses to start with a new course every week and you get 100 commissions on all of them. How amazing is that? Okay? So, as mentioned, let’s head back to the dashboard here.

The site comes designed beautifully for you out of the box. Look, it looks amazing, but we also give you loads and loads of different design options. So let’s. Just have a look at some of the options here, so you can see here we can.

This is the default logo that’s been generated for you, but you can upload your ow instead, so we could remove that and upload our own. You can change your site name at any point as well. We’ve. Also, this is the default banner background, but we & # 39.

Ve also got numerous other ones for you to choose from so you can choose which one you want here. So the next thing is that you can then choose different themes. So, for example, we might want a site that’s got a blue team um and all of the everything that you see here is fully editable.

So you can change this. You can change what this says. You can change all this size change. What this says. Everything is all fully editable here. You can show the amount of courses that you want on your on your index page awfully edible.

You can even change your background. Color, let’s, update this and just have a look. What that looks like to show you how easy this is? So if you just refresh the page boom like that, we have completely changed the look of our site, so it looks absolutely fantastic.

Now, on top of all of that guys, not only is your site filled with courses for you i mean that’s great, but obviously the issue is: how are you actually going to get visitors inside? How are you going to get traffic well, any website, of course, needs to be able to rank on google, and how do you rank on google well by far by far, the best way, these days to rank on google is to have lots of original content.

If you & # 39, ve got lots of original content being posted. Regular google will highly highly reward this and its algorithm rank you higher faster. So what we do is we provide an entire, automated blog section, and you can see this here now this all these blog posts are.

You can see here the site’s. Just been set up, you get a bunch of posts created, as for you, as soon as as soon as you sign in and create your site, and you also get new posts created every single day for you as well.

So if just have a look around here um – and you can see that all of these are fantastic quality posts. If we look in one of these here, um and you can see, all of these are great posts that are full of images full of interesting information that your visitors might want to read about and, more importantly, thanks to our inbuilt content, spinning engine, which is completely Inbuilt completely automated you don’t need to do a thing as soon as a new blog post comes in.

It will be spun for you um. These are all 100 original. If we just go back to the dashboard here and then we go down here,  see that for every single niche we have got identified some relevant content sources to that niche and the basically from these from these sources for every niche.

We have two or three different sources by default: new posts are brought in and then spun into completely original content, for you posted every single day. Of course, if you don’t like any of these content, you can delete these and you can also add new ones in how easy is it to add new ones in well, i’ll.

Show you you just would, for example, um. I would do web develop. I’m, going to search here for web development blog and i’m, going to find one that looks good and so here’s, a web development blog all.

We need to do to add new source in you can pretty much take any source on the internet. You want. I just copy that head back here, add new source. It is as simple as that and you can add in as many different sources as you want.

You can have any source you want and it’s all completely automated everything from it. These sources will be spun and created new original content like this, for you to make sure your site ranks on google fast, and on top of all that we just head back to the dashboard here and then we go to the blog post.

You can see all the blog posts have been created here, so here’s, the one that we just looked at before and all of these are completely editable by you. So if there’s, something you don’t like you can change it.

So, for example, maybe i want to build this, you can do that. You got full control. You can put in images you can put in videos anything you want. If we just go back to the blog post again, you can.

Even if you want to create your own blog post completely manually um it’s, a full visual editor. So you can, you know basically guys this is kind of just like having your own blog, if you want to now.

On top of all of that, we also have um the ability to add your own custom pages. So, for example, make some many people like to have. I don’t know an about us page or a contact us page. Whatever you want, you can do it so this .

Ll. Show you here how it works. I’ll, just gonna call this one about us and i’m just gonna put here some example text. This is just very, very quick to show you, but you can do anything you want here like i said this is a full visual editor.

So if you wanted to put some images in, you want to put some movies in links. Anything you want, you can put it in here. It’ll appear exactly how it looks on here. I’m just going to put keep it very simple, like this, just to show you um and then, if we go and view the site again, you can see that the about this page has been added in here.

Obviously, here it’s. Incredibly simple, but you know you can do anything. You want that’s. The whole point that you pay edgy pay puts you in control to get your e-learning site exactly how you want it and talking about editability.

I’m, mentioning how you can edit all of the different posts and pages we also if we have a look at the courses here, so let’s. Go look at all the courses. Um. All of the courses are also completely editable.

So there’s, something you don’t like you, can edit. All of this you can see you can change the content. You & # 39. Ve also got some stats here. Lots of course information. You can change anything. You can even add your own courses manually if you wish.

Incidentally, all of the courses are amazing, multi-part courses. So if we just have a look at one of the, if we just head back to the site here, let’s, see the site here. All of the courses are multi-part video courses.

So if we open up one over here, you can see what’s configured. So this one’s got one two, three, four five different videos as part of it. These are all auto delivered to your customers as soon as they buy them.

I’m gonna wrap things up here now guys i could go on talking about all the amazing features forever, but i do realize that your time is very valuable to you. So i’m gonna wrap this up by just talking about a couple more of the features that you might be interested in, which are the advertisements and opt-in forms now with edupay it’s.

Super simple, you can add in opt-in, forms and ads, basically anywhere you want on the site. I’ll. Just show you a very quick example of that. So let me add in an opt-in form, so i’m just going to paste in my opt-in form code from my autoresponder here.

This is all you can then choose where you want it. So i’m going to choose on. For example, um, let’s, put this at the top of inside the banner at the top um, so you can choose to edit on specific courses specific pages or in a pre-defined slot.

I’ll. Just add this in here and i’ll show you what that looks like and if we go back here and you can see here, our opt-in form has been added in for us. We could also do the same thing if we wanted by adding in banner ads, so it would be as simple as just choosing image link advert, choosing your banner and choosing the location all right.

I hope you enjoyed that demo. You’re, looking forward to getting your hands on edupay now really quickly. If you go through the link in the description i & # 39. Ve got a bit of a right up here on my bonus page, more specifically about the pricing and what to expect so.

There’s, the edupay front, end, which is 27, and you do only need that to get access to all the tools that i’m offering as well and to make this work. So don’t feel like you need all these offers, but i just don’t want you to be surprised during the buying process of what will be offered to you and also everybody’s different.

Some people are going to want the front end. Some people are going to want the agency. Some people are going to want the white label and sell it on as their own product and get profits from there. Some people are going to want the ninja training.

Okay, so basically edupay there front end, is a pro version, with extra features that you will see during the buying process. There’s, also daily profits. Another thing that will be offered to you as well um, then they’re done for you, which is the team behind edupay, are going to set everything up for you, so you don & # 39.

T really have to do a lot of the work you can focus on the marketing and the. As i said, these will all be offered to you. Uh everybody’s, different, so figure out, which one is right for you. If you do have any questions drop them in the comments hit me up on social media or my email, i do reply to everybody and, if not enjoy edupay, take action with those bonuses.

I know they’re, going to help you out a lot. Um but yeah ask me any questions feel free and i’ll see you next time best of luck, ciao,

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How To Find Traffic Sources 101

How To Find Traffic Sources 101 

Now I want to talk about these 16 traffic sources right and I tried to pick out traffic sources that a lot of you probably have never even heard of before right. What I want to say before I get into these traffic sources.

Is you really only need one of them right, yeah, you know don’t don’t, try to go out there and, like start driving a bunch of traffic from all 16 of these places. If you do that, you’re, probably gonna fail, because what I found is trapped.

Well, look and some of these are easy. You just set them up and forget about them and they work out the box. You will just drive you traffic. Now you can do that. You can set up some multiple ones like that, but some of these require a little bit of your time right like Facebook, you know Facebook’s, not one of these 16 traffic sources by the way.

But when you think about Facebook, there are ways to drive free traffic with Facebook, but you know I can tell you several ways to do it with Facebook, but you know it requires a little bit of your time right.

So some of these traffic sources they require a little bit of your time and guys. I have never encountered a traffic source that didn’t take a little time to master right, so you’re better off. When I give you these 16, you’re, far better off just picking out one that you think kind of resonates with you and tinkering with that traffic source for a little while give it a month or two tinkering with it and see.

If you can get some traffic make sure your your you have analytics hooked up to your website, so you know where the traffic’s coming from see. If you’re starting to get traffic with it tinker around with a little bit that’s, what I’m, saying: okay, so let’s, go ahead and get into these okay! I’m gonna divide these up into three sets all right.

So let’s, get into set a okay, okay, the first one will talk to you guys about

Hacker news.

All right. Hacker news gets 11 million visitors a month and has traffic being sent to it from Facebook. Reddit Twitter YouTube, Cora, just to name a few guys.

It’s kind of like a forum, okay, so be sure to check their submission guidelines. But basically you can go there. You can submit good quality content. You know have to write just about hacking and tech stuff.

Okay, they’re interested in anything there, but they’re interested in things that are intellectually gratifying. That’s, what they say, intellectually gratifying. That means you have to write smart quirky articles, smart quirky, intelligent articles right that’s, pretty subjective.

You can write about internet marketing there. If you want to. You can write about things that you want to write about there. You just have to be smart about it right. You can’t just write dumb, blatantly trying to pitch your stuff articles right.

This is one of those content. Marketing platforms, it’s, not unlike Facebook. You move in you plant your little flag down around a subject, and you start to kind of like pull people around you that’s, how it works.

Okay, let me show you this website. I know we’re running kind of long. I’m, not gonna go crazy in depth with each one of these look. But this is what hacker news is it’s very basic? It gets 11 million visitors a month.

You guys here’s. The guidelines right, you have to sign up for free account by the way I’m already signed up for a free account here. Look at this on topic, anything that good hackers would find interesting that might include more than hacking in startups.

They’re telling you. It includes more than hacking and startups you have if you had to reduce it to a sentence. The answer might be anything that gratifies ones intelligent, intellectual curiosity, anything that anything that you know gratifies.

The curiosity basically write the articles, smartly and it’ll grow. You know because guys. The reason I say smartly is because hackers and tech guys they they hold their intelligence on a pedestal. Okay, they hold their intelligence on a pedestal.

So you have to write the articles in a smart way. All right, you can’t just and look. Let’s be honest. You know we can look at the guidelines and I can say that all day, but your best teacher is to go through here and read some of these articles.

Okay, see how people are writing what what kind of the eternal novice trap we see how people are writing right. You can go through here and have a lot of traffic school to cover, so I can’t get in-depth, but I tell you guys something if you want me to get more in depth on just one of these traffic sources: fire an email off At me, and maybe in a future coaching call man what is focus on like two or three of them for the whole call, and we’ll, get really in-depth with the traffic sources.

But what what I want to really do now is just make you aware of the traffic sources and let you get into them and kind of tinker around with them yourself. Just give you a brief overview of them and let you see if you can get out there and get some results with the traffic, but look you read the articles and you think about what they’re writing about.

You know it’s, just like with 11 million visitors a month. You guys you got a try. You got to try to see. If you can, you can work something out. It’s too good of an opportunity right, anyways. So the second one scoop it.

Scoop it

Maybe I should just highlight these yeah, you know what forget the hyal yeah, let’s. Do it let’s. Do it guys let’s. Do it all right highlight I scoop it scoop. It gets almost 5 million visitors a month, 61 % of that being from organic search.

You guys also. You have traffic home from Pinterest Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. That’s, a great indicator of a healthy platform. It’s right for becoming a nice traffic source guys. This is perfect for any niche on scoop.

It. Okay, it’s. Gon na allow you to curate and publish content in minutes it’s. It’s. A fantastic opportunity um this is scoop bit. Okay, scoop. It is cool man, it’s free for individuals. You can sign up for free.

Now, free gets you limited right. Free gets you limited and what what it looks like when you sign up is this: okay, we just log in oh, come on guys, so what it looks like what scoop it is you it’s? Awesome, because you can curate content right.

You can curate like this right here. Okay, this is what my CI like. I it’s. It’s kind of hard to explain. So what you do is you. It’s a little bit. It reminds me a little bit of Pinterest. You know how on Pinterest you can create boards with a lot of like stuff on them with scoop it.

You create topics right and you can create up to 50 topics and think about these topics. Basically, they’re like little blogs. The topics are like little blogs right now. I got a topic right called copywriting skill.

So if I go here to copywriting skill – and I can basically I can share a bunch of content right and what I can do is I can update this content. Okay, like every day, I could update it with new articles and stuff right now I can manually.

I can upload up my own document to this topic. I can. I can only um. I can only recommend articles from my own website if I want to there’s, a lot of man, but look guys. This thing is getting over five million visitors a month, alright, and it’s like scoop.

It’s very cool right Scoob. It’s very cool there’s. A lot of potential here that’s, the point that I’m trying to make. I wanted to just kind of show you guys how easy it was to put together little little topics and and another really cool thing about the topics here’s.

One thing I want to show you: this is really really cool. You can do a few things with this. Once you put your page together, you can put up to 50 sub 50 links on this one topic and once you um, and once you do it man, another cool feature that you can do over here is.

You can turn it into a newsletter right. I can come over to newsletter and check this out. You get a preview of the newsletter. This is actually man. You know what you could have like a blog or something that nobody knows about where you just publish articles right and you use those articles and put them on you can use scoop it to put them on a newsletter like this.

You can download the newsletter as a zip file, send it out to a paid list right. I think, as a paid newsletter every month, that’s, gonna look fantastic, because this is a really nice look in a little newsletter, and you know you just download it as a zip file.

It’s, really cool you guys, anyways um. I just want to show you that I think scoop. It has a lot of potential in 2020. I really want to like mess around with stupid. A lot more. You know it’s. Getting a lot of visitors, anyways, mastodons social is not just one social platform.

You guys it’s actually like a network of social platforms on multiple niches right, you think, like a cross between Facebook and reddit, right, Facebook and reddit gets together. Has a baby that’s, math Ladon social anyway, it’s, getting a million and a half visitors a month.

It’s, pulling quite a bit of traffic from Twitter and Facebook. Again guys, it provides an excellent opportunity to get in there start sharing some great content and pulling people back to your website, squeeze pages sales pages or even like doing some affiliate marketing.

Okay, this is mastodons social right, very basic, very bare-bones. This is kind of like mastodons social homepage and, like from here, you go to your individual kinda like reddit, you go to your individual little sub reddits or whatever we’re, not gonna get into this here right now.

I just want to make you aware of it. I’m aware that this coaching call is getting long. I get it, but I wanted to I. My main goal is to let you guys know how you can drive traffic with these places and that they exist okay, and if you want to get more deep into this, with these individual platforms, just fire off an email, let me know which one you’re really really interested in and we can get deeper into it in another.

Coaching call for mix right mix. Comm right gets around 1.5 million visitors a month. It’s growing rapidly. It’s, a content, curation site. It gathers up content from all over the internet that is personalized for the person that logs in so what you want to do is you want to get your content featured on this website? How do you do it? It’s, easy okay, sign up for a free account and whenever you publish content on your blog or on your YouTube or somewhere else just come over here, and you will have an option to add a post to mix right.

It will ask you for a URL that’s, where you submit the URL of your content, easy as that with consistency and diligence. You can be driving some great traffic with this one. Okay. This is another one of those content marketing sites where you really got it like move into it plant your flag down and try to take over a little bit right in a specific subnet like you move into a place like mix, and you just publish you just Start sharing content about one little thing, not like internet marketing in general right, but you start being the guy who publishes content about email copy right and that’s.

All you publish content about like that’s. Gon na allow you to dominate that sub niche and start just planting your flag and taking over on mix right, and this is what’s. Gon na help, you drive traffic with a platform like mix, alright, so pretty cool, okay, five reddit shameless plug! All right, so you guys already know about ready.


I don’t have to tell you about reddit. Reddit is the place that gets over a billion visitors a month. You guys. I cannot believe how popular reddit is getting right. It’s. Really crazy, its rise to stardom over the last several years has been it’s been my blowing its it because it’s such a like a bare-bones kind of site.

It’s, not pretty to look at, but it’s. Just people really love reddit man anyways. So this is a great place to get traffic. But how do you do it? There’s, a lot of ways right. There’s. Multiple ways to get traffic from reddit one way is to visit visit, a simple subreddit called shameless plug right and just post a link to your content right.

This is a subreddit where people go and post all kinds of different content. There’s over 18,000 people in that community on shameless plug, and if you post your content, you’re gonna get traffic, especially if you do it regularly.

Whenever you put content out share it on shameless plug right, you will get some traffic. Let me show you a shameless plug. I’m in in 2020. I really got to work on my my brevity man. I got to work on like not going into so much detail on every little thing and just kind of like putting it out there.

You know I need to work on my back of the book. Summary style anyways. If you go to Reddit and you type in just go to Reddit and type in shameless plug all right, my reddit still loading up type in shameless plug.

Eighteen point: 8,000 members. Thirty-Five people on route line right now that’s 11:30 on a Sunday, the hell are they doing on shameless plug. I don’t know, but they’re here. Thirty-Five people here right now at 11:30 a.

m. on a Sunday just chillin, anyways people look. This was submitted an hour ago, okay. This was submitted six hours ago. This is a very active community over here on shameless plug, and you have permission to plug anything here right.

You can’t beat it it’s. This is one of those passive things when you put when you publish a new piece of content, just share it over here it’ll help. You get some traffic, you know, so it’s, it’s easy and it’s, a good way to do it.

Alright, so that’s, one way to utilize Reddit that’s very simple. All right that’s, five of them, let’s, get in our second five